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Our Variety

Muskmelon Aphrodite
Cantaloupes were first introduced to North America by Christopher Columbus.  Aphrodite melons have firm think orange flesh that is crisp sweet flavor.
Cabbage Red Dynasty
The round heads are medium to large and have excellent internal color.  Tender and deliciously juicy in texture, the color of this cabbage has an affect on its slightly peppery flavor. The darker the red, the better the taste. Chefs prize it for adding vivid color to salads and cooked dishes.
Cauliflower Graffiti Purple
Resembling white cauliflower only in shape and size, attractive purple cauliflower offers a flavor similar to broccoli. This gourmet cauliflower cooks quicker than white cauliflower. Chefs love it for its vivid presentation qualities and good taste. Graffiti Purple cauliflower are brilliant purple heads that attract attention.
Sweet Cron

Over 100 acres of fresh sweet corn grown with a new field to harvest every week when in season

Cucmber Cobra
Technically cucumbers are a fruit but are prepared, eaten and thought of as a vegetable. Cucumbers have an amazing capacity to retain water and to remain cool. The interior flesh may be up to twenty degrees cooler than the exterior rind. A proven fact that explains the old expression "cool as a cucumber".
Autumn Wing Swans
A unique gourd of many colors with wings, warts, and with the fruit shape of a swan gourd.  Prized for fall decorating, a bowl filled with unique ornamental gourds makes an ideal colorful table centerpiece.
Galaxy of Stars
Galaxy of Stars gourds are in the shape of a 5 point star in many colors.  Ornamental gourds are not edible as they have very little flesh and are grown mainly for show.
Green Beans
Jade Green Beans
These green beans are the best we have grown yet!  Very good taste and texture and very appealing to the eye.  These are also great for canning.
Wax Bean
The color of sunshine, cheery yellow wax beans are slender, long and uniform in shape but are marketed in various sizes. Varying from light yellow to deep yellow, this attractive wax bean has a thinner velvety skin and a subtler flavor than the common green bean. Yellow, wax, snap, green and string are words referred to beans picked while the pods are fleshy and soft and while the seeds are very tender.
Kohlrabi Early White Vienna
If you have never tried eating a Kohlrabi, you are in for a treat.  They have a radish-cabbage taste.  Because of their mild flavor, many kids love them. Like most brassica or cole crops, kohlrabi grow best in cool weather. The meat of this variety is very sweet and mild, creamy-white in color and tasting like a mild turnip.
Candy Onion


Unusually sweet and succulent, the incredible famous-for-flavor Candy onion has an exceptional sweet taste and a deliciously crisp texture, brimming with juice. A light golden-brown bulb with a white interior, this sweetest onion in the world is rounded at the bottom and somewhat flat on the top. Because of its higher water and sugar content, this onion delicacy requires careful handling as it is easily bruised. Vidalia onion sizes range from small (1 to 2 1/4 inches), medium (2 to 3 inches) to jumbo (over 3 inches).

The children descend upon them as if they were a bag of chocolate,” reports Ann Elder of Community Farm of Ann Arbor, MI, CSA. “Truly like candy—but far better,” she concludes. Awarded the coveted AAS Gold Medal in 1979 and later voted the #1 all-time AAS. One of the very best raw treats in the garden.  Pods reach superb sweetness only when completely filled. Then they are incomparable. Bred by Calvin Lamborn of Gallatin Valley.
Pepper: Bell or Sweet
Aconcagua Sweet Pepper

This non-bell sweet pepper is great for frying, roasting or eating fresh. It’s a tapering, medium-thick-fleshed pepper that is sweet at any stage of growth.
Pepper: Hot
Habanero Chichen Itza
New! Consistently lantern-shaped, renowned orange habañeros are said to be the world's hottest chile and deliver a ferocious bite-back kick. This intense chile, pronounced hah-bah-NYAIR-oh, has a heat-rate that can sky rocket far beyond the Scoville heat chart. Possessing a unique aroma and relentless taste, bold and sassy habañeros offer a distinctive wonderful flavor with tropical fruit overtones in spite of their fierce and blazing-hot personality. Scoville units: 10+ (100,000-300,000)
Truly explosive, this raging piece of edible fire is especially popular for heating up the flavor of tomatoes or tropical fruits. Add its extreme sizzle to salsas and marinades, but go gently. If some like it hotter than hot, spike a bottled condiment with its powerful relentless heat. Blend with other foods and ingredients to calm the heat of this hot no-nonsense chile.
Cotton Candy
White pumpkins offer a delightful change from the common orange pumpkin with its unusual off-white color. Festive and ornamental, the alluring edible white pumpkin has an orange flesh that offers a mild flavor.
Perfect for decorating, white pumpkins are rapidly becoming a favorite for Halloween. Sporting a white skin, this unusual pumpkin provides a natural "ghostly" color for painting faces.
Add a touch of the unusual to your table with this grey-blue Australian emigré. Features 6-10 lb. heavily ribbed fruits flattened on top like pumpkins, but much sweeter. “With an almost solid center, Jarrahdale is an excellent eating pumpkin. They are  stringless, quick to bake, and easy to blend into a great pie,
Pumpkin Prize Winner
When it comes to a decorative pumpkin, size matters! Deliberately big, this larger than life size pumpkin definitely delights pumpkin fans. Prizewinner can weigh anywhere between fifty and two hundred pounds.
Spartan Pumpkin
This pumpkin is great for carving. Growing in many interesting shapes, colors and sizes, pumpkins make their fall market debut from the darling miniature to the awesome gigantic. Whatever color, they stand out amidst their contrasting rich green foliage that grows on trailing annual vines. Encased in a moderately hard shell, the thick edible flesh harbors a central multi-seed cavity. The bright orange flesh offers a consistent sweet mild flavor. Pumpkin seeds, known as pepitas, may be roasted and enjoyed as a snack. Lovely pumpkin blossoms may be used like any of those of the squash family, deliciously batter-dipped and fried.
Tomato Saladette
New! Beautiful, firm and thick-fleshed, the popular red Roma is an elongated plum-shaped tomato. Almost seedless and considered a sauce tomato, this variety has a rich meaty texture. Less flavorful than vine-ripened tomatoes, Romas contain less acid and sugar.
Tomato Yellow Grape
Gorgeous! Yellow grape tomatoes are delightfully sweet tiny oval-shaped tomato treats. A tomato favorite of chefs, tomato fans and kids, too!
These brightly colored tomatoes dress up and flavor up mixed green salads with their good looks and great taste. Enjoy as a healthy snack. Ideal for appetizer trays. Toss in stir-fries or add to stews. Perfect for roasting whole. Briefly and gently sauté in olive oil and salt; roast at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about twenty minutes for a super side dish. Mix red, green and yellow grape tomatoes for a lovely splash of delicious color. To store, keep and serve at room temperature for optimum flavor.
Winter Squash
Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a dark-green, deeply ribbed fruits that turn orange when stored. Moderately sweet, dry, fine-flavored squash.

Acorn squash is most commonly baked, but can also be microwaved, sauteed, and steamed. This squash is not as rich in beta-carotene as other winter squashes, but is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium, as well as smaller amounts of vitamins C and B, magnesium, and manganese.


Buttercup squash has a dark green skin and is crowned with a blue-green "turban" at its blossom end. With bright orange flesh, it ranks just under kabocha as the sweetest squash. Creamy describes its texture. The buttercup is similar in shape to a turban squash but generally smaller and sweeter. Buttercup squashes average around three pounds.

Spaghetti Squash

Introduced in 1934. Spaghetti-like strands of flesh are delicious in many dishes. Check out the recipes section for a way to use spaghetti squash as an alternative to a pasta salad.

Sweet Dumpling Squash

Maybe the sweetest squash ever, fruits are teacup-shaped, ivory colored with green stripes.  Store for 3-4 months so buy extras to eat this winter.

Waltham Butternut
Elegant 9" tan fruits weighing 4-5 lb. Orange dry flesh has a sweet nutty flavor. Excellent keeper. Bred by the Massachusetts Agricultural Extension Service by crossing New Hampshire Butternut (a 1956 Yaeger/Meader development) with a neckless moschata from Turkey, and introduced by Bob Young of Waltham, MA.
Yellow Straightneck Squash
Yellow summer squash has been a favorite for over 150 years. This is a yellow-skinned, white-fleshed summer squash that is delicious lightly steamed, roasted or eaten raw.
The flesh is tender, firm, and creamy white with excellent flavor. It is delicious grilled, steamed, boiled, sauteed, fried, or used in breads. Tiny baby squash can be used as appetizers or leave whole and sauteé with other vegetables. This variety also freezes well.