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Welcome to Schroeder Produce 

 Cambridge, WI

Winters on the farm are anything, but dull or boring. There are tractors and machinery to repair and maintence. Along with all the farm meetings and conventions, telling of new products and speciality vegetable equipment. This year we went to at least one meeting a week, some may even last the better part of a week.  Also, we keep busy going to farm auctions finding machinery or parts for the farm. We've made a couple of trips to pick up some equipment that we found for a good price and with a little elbow grease, have got them purring! We also have been working on getting our shed ready for the upcoming year.

Richard and I are off to a late start this year, with all the rain and cool weather. We're itching to get out and start planting. Our strawberry, raspberry, and rhurbarb plants arrived last week. Now we are waiting for the ground to warm up to be able to plant them.

Monday the 18th, we caught a slight break in the weather and were able to lay some plastic. In case your not aware, plastic is a biodegradable product that is made from corn. We use it to keep weeds down and help warm the ground. This comes in very handy for watermelons, peppers, and tomatoes, to name a few.

Due to the wet spring our onion plants weren't ready to ship, nor were we ready to plant them. So they missed their scheduled freight to us. We have been looking for an alternate transport to the farm. Which hopefully we have now found, and they should be on there way. 

Trying to get any last minute maintence done to the equipment. When the weather breaks we need to be ready. We are hoping that will be very soon we have lots of veggies plants on their way!



 This my brother, Josh, stringing up Tomatoe plants.



Fresh Strawberries waiting to be picked